IAFP Foundation

The IAFP Foundation promotes the growth of Family Medicine through a variety of membership, student and resident programs including continuing medical education conferences, the Family Medicine Interest Group program (FMIG), Rural Underserved Opportunity Program (RUOP) for first- and second-year medical students, and the Idaho Premed Matching Program. The Foundation helps students and residents attend valuable national conferences to help nurture their interest in Family Medicine. These opportunities provide for a valuable exchange of ideas with peers. The IAFP Foundation works to support activities that maintain the educational excellence of family physicians throughout their practice experience.


Support the IAFP Foundation and the many programs valuable to the specialty of Family Medicine.
  • WWAMI RUOP (Rural Underserved Opportunities Program)
  • Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
  • Scholarships for students attending the National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students
  • Premed student resources – Resource Guide
  • Resident programs
  • Assisting the Idaho medicine residency programs to promote family medicine
  • The AAFP Congress of Delegates and AAFP Family Medicine Experience
  • Family medicine resident outreach programs and research
Here’s what last year’s medical student scholarship recipients said about the benefit of receiving funding for the NCFMRS:

“This was my first time attending the AAFP conference, and I am happy to say that this conference solidified my decision to apply to Family Medicine. I was able to interact with the diverse community of people that comprise the specialty of Family Medicine and confirmed that the culture and mission of Family Medicine across the country aligns with my goals for patient care.” – Eden Anderson, Idaho WWAMI, MS4

“The best aspect of family medicine is the relational component. This is what I felt at the National Conference. It started to many conversations, and I feel so grateful for the IAFP for the assistance to attend the National Conference.” -Matthew Burgstahler, Idaho WWAMI, MS4

“The conference really helped solidify my desire to go into family medicine by putting me directly in touch with residency programs that really drew me in with their engaging staff and residents and helped me form a clear picture of what my path forward will be.” -Joseph Holmstead, WWAMI MS3

“The full broad scope of family medicine is shown throughout this conference and there are abundant opportunities to learn practical primary care procedures such as suturing, skin biopsies techniques, manipulation, injections, and POCUS.” -Derek Southwick, WWAMI MS3

“Making connections with residents based on these shared passions was a highlight of the conference. Another highlight was to learn more about the extensive advocacy work of the AAFP and the vast support network for family medicine physicians (and medical students!).” -Hailey Kolsky, WWAMI MS4

“The conference showed me the many ways a career in family medicine can look. There were great talks about obstetric care, procedures, fellowship options, and even one on direct primary care that highlighted how you can tailor your practice to exactly what you want. It was great to meet so many people passionate about what they do, and that passion is definitely infectious.” -Abby Tesnohlidek, WWAMI MS4

Financial support for this program is provided by the FMPC which is funded by members like you! Help programs like this continue to support family medicine by giving to the FMPC. Select “Chapter Grants” when making your gift online at https://www.aafpfoundation.org/donate.html. Thank you!