IAFP Physician Vitality Program

Access to Counseling for IAFP Physician Members

The IAFP Physician Vitality Program is now available as a member benefit. Utilizing Ada County Medical Society’s (ACMS) counseling network, IAFP members may access up to 5 appointments at no cost in any one 12-month period. See below for more information. Please note that all forms are hosted through ACMS, but apply to IAFP members.

View available therapists and learn more about the program and how to make an appointment through ACMS.

How it works:

  • View all available therapists’ profiles, education, and treatment modalities on the above website.
  • Call the therapist directly and identify yourself as a member of the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Review program guidelines and informed consent forms before your first appointment.
Services Provided and Eligibility

This IAFP benefit allows for 5 appointments during a 12-month period, which begins with the first appointment. ACMS holds contracts with psychotherapists to provide these services at no cost to active or retired IAFP member physicians and medical residents.

The IAFP has partnered with ACMS to expand access to this program so that IAFP members who are not already eligible for this benefit through ACMS membership (including secondary society members) will be eligible for 5 free visits through the program each year.

Although the majority of currently contracted therapists are located in the Treasure Valley, and all are available via telehealth, we are working together to identify additional qualified therapists throughout the state for the possibility of greater in-person access.

ACMS physicians and mental health specialists have vetted the contracting therapists for general suitability and basic licensure to provide services. However, they do not necessarily verify additional certifications or credentials nor guarantee their suitability for any particular issue for which an IAFP member may seek help.

Our Hope

We envision a statewide medical culture where physician well-being is encouraged by policies, supported by employers in practice, and self-prioritized as an ethical duty of care.

When You Need a Safe Place to Talk

ACMS launched its Physician Vitality Program in 2016, recognizing the unique challenges that physicians and other clinicians face today. Since then, it has provided over 1000 appointments to its members.

Recognizing the pressing need for access to counseling services for physicians throughout Idaho, the IAFP is excited to partner with ACMS to expand this program to Family Physicians throughout Idaho. The program is confidential, convenient, competent, and cost-free.

Confidential – Your participation in this program is completely confidential and voluntary and may not be mandated as a condition of employment. Because billing includes no client names, neither IAFP, your employer, the Board of Medicine, nor ACMS are notified of your participation by name. Our therapists are sensitive to keeping your personal and professional reputation intact.

Convenient – Appointments can usually be made in just one or two calls/emails and are available during clinician-friendly hours with all therapists providing telehealth access. Providers in your area for in-person visits may not yet be available, so we encourage the use of telehealth options and are working to expand provider options throughout Idaho.

Competent – Our vetted therapists have a wide range of educational backgrounds and treatment experience. They were screened and selected by a panel of ACMS member physician leaders and medically based psychologists.

Cost-Free – Up to 5 appointments are allowed during each 12-month period of your membership, commencing with the first session. IAFP members who are also members of ACMS or as secondary society members of ACMS should access the benefit through the ACMS and not IAFP.

Help Us Grow Access to Therapists Throughout Idaho

Do you know a therapist outside the Treasure Valley that would be a good fit to participate in this program? We are seeking LCSWs, LCPCs, and PsyD’s to provide care through the PVP program.

Potential PVP contractors can learn more and apply for the program here.

Please contact liz@idahoafp.org with suggestions for providers in your area.

We hope you utilize and benefit from this new member benefit. If you have questions, please contact liz@idahoafp.org or call (208) 871-4597.

View available therapists and learn more about the program and how to make an appointment through ACMS.