Policy News

Virtual Care Advisory Board

The IAFP is leading the effort to establish a Virtual Care Advisory Board during the 2021 legislative session.

Learn more about this effort here.

Graduate Medical Education

Idaho is entering year four of the 10-year plan to grow Graduate Medical Education in Idaho. IAFP focuses on increasing the number of Family Medicine programs and Fellowships.

Learn more about GME funding here.

Advancing Racial Equity

The IAFP is committed to advancing racial equity as an organization and in supporting physicians in advancing equity in medical thought and practice.

See our statement on racial equity here.

See our calendar for our upcoming training on racial equity sponsored by IAFP.

Fighting for Family Medicine

Access the most up to date news from Washington, DC from the AAFP Governmental Staff at: https://www.aafp.org/advocacy.html

2021 Legislative Reports

Legislative Report Week 1

Legislative Report Week 2

Legislative Report Week 3

Legislative Report Week 4

Legislative Report Week 5

Legislative Report Week 6

idaho family physicians residents in idaho capitol
Family Medicine Residents visiting the Capitol